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Not "Too Busy" to Provide Pro-Active Tax Planning.

Most tax firms are so busy doing hundreds or thousands of tax returns, that they're "too busy" to provide pro-active tax advice. We know that business owners and freelancers deserve to pay only their "fair share" in taxes, be confident that they're in compliance, and not waste staff hours performing mediocre accounting duties. Rather than say "yes" to hundreds of tax return clients, we exclusively service businesses in our "Outsourced Accounting" model, where we create a strategic plan, and perform the bookkeeping, payroll, tax payments & tax preparation all together.
The Result? We are able to control the quality of the accounting, and become intimately in-tune with our clients finances, which is the foundation for providing good tax planning and completing the year-end taxes with the least impact on your time & staff.

Pro-Active Advice
We'll Put Money In Your Pockets

Reducing Taxes

Should your company utilize a sole proprietorship, or an S-Corp? Should your company invest in real estate and lease from a holding company, or not? Is your company utilizing the most tax-efficient retirement and health benefits as part of your compensation structure? Are you taking advantage of the tax benefits of real estate, cost segregations, depreciation, bonus depreciation, industry tax credits or tactical investments?
We'll help you pay your fair share, and not a penny more - for the long-haul.

Great Customer Service

Most accountants are tough to get a hold of outside of tax season, and the old "billable hours" model causes businesses to resist reaching out for help. With our outsourced accounting service, we will pro-actively connect to provide insight into your tax plan, company financial statement, and answer any questions.  Just call our office, send an email, or have your new employees call us. We'll make things easier.

Free Flow of Communication
Our team is here to help.
Taxes, Payroll, Bookkeeping & CFO Together

No Wasted Time

Separate payroll, bookkeepers, CPA's, and Tax Preparation means that staff or business owners are often stuck coordinating paperwork, having multiple meetings, and trying to coordinate multiple professional services. With our outsourced accounting, you won't waste your time or money on coordinating taxes, accounting or payroll EVER.


Reducing Taxes Heavily Impacts your Bottom Line.
You may be overpaying thousands a year in taxes because your accountants are too busy preparing your tax return.
Connect today for a no-cost consultation.


We're a small crossfit gym, and we always new there was opportunity to reduce our taxes, which Shamal did!  But besides saving us money, we just love the service we get so we can focus on our passion.

Alejandro  |  Gym Owner

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s really great how easy your websites are to update and manage.


My experience with John Doe has always been pleasant and professional.
John has helped me maneuver through the ever-changing rules of the IRS and think out of the box.


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