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Accounting, Tax, CFO & CPA controllership for Startups

We help tech startups build pristine financials, tax returns & prepare to grow.

Accounting, Tax, CFO & CPA controllership for Startups

Your Stakeholders Will Rejoice

We'll come alongside your operation and provide leadership, services & oversight so you can take things forward.

Help with GAAP Accounting

We make GAAP easy to reach and maintain. Making you stand out with VCs and Angels!

Budget Analysis

Not only can we help you build out your budget, but we also have the expertise to help you see how you are performing compared to it!

Tax Planning for your Startup

Startups are immensely important to our economy and we know that better than anyone! We actively work with our startup partners to make sure they are proactively planning their taxes to take advantage of as many tax credits as possible!

Asnani CPA specializes in helping startups take control of their finances. We understand what VCs and Angels want to see, and we make sure you check all of the right boxes.

Specialized accounting for startups

Begin as you intend to go

GAAP Accounting for Startups

One of the most basic aspects that VCs and Angels expect to see are the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as close to implemented as possible. GAAP is essentially the “roadmap” in the US that makes sure everyone is playing by the same rules.

GAAP offers several benefits apart from just checking a box for VCs and Angels, it is actually beneficial for your business as it helps more accurately match your expenses and revenues with the specific timing that is taking place. This makes it easier to forecast and determine trends.

Implementing GAAP will also make your due diligence process a lot easier!

Here at Asnani CPA, we understand how to implement GAAP in your finances and make sure you are ready to grow!

Get the Tax & Accounting Support Your Business Deserves.

We help businesses keep pristine financials, lower their taxes and grow more profitable and scalable companies.

Startup Accounting & Bookkeeping

Your team can focus on the job at hand, while our team provides the bookkeeping & accounting.

Taxes & Accountability

We'll ensure you don't make mistakes or oversight when it comes to tax liability planning.

Taxes & Accountability

Your stakeholders & investors will have pristine financials for excellent tracking.

Take Control of your budget!

A budget is one of the most important parts of any business, but especially for a startup! You need to know your burn rate and your cash-out date so you can make sure you are planning your timelines effectively. 

Having a good budget takes the “feelings” out of the equation and replaces it with data-driven analysis of whether your goals are on target or not. 

Being able to scrutinize your success or failures and bringing real accountability to your startup will be one of the key factors in determining your future success! This all starts with a well planned and executed budget!

Asnani CPA understands the importance of your budget and will work diligently to help you make sure it fits your needs and helps you to grow and scale effectively! We partner with all of our clients and see your success as our success because it is! If you win, we win! That’s why we’ve built our business around being able to scale with our clients, it gives us a stake in whether you succeed or not. This is why so many startups and other businesses have trusted us to help them with all of their accounting needs!

Keep your headcount down. 

When you partner with Asnani CPA you are unlocking your potential in huge ways by not only leveraging our expertise to help with tax planning, budgeting, and accounting principals, but also by using us for your bookkeeping needs. 

Numbers don’t lie.

The numbers don’t lie. Outsourcing non-critical roles ends up saving time and money! That is exactly what we specialize in. When you work with Asnani CPA to do your bookkeeping and other accounting planning, you are getting the work you need done with the expertise you need often for less than the cost of a normal bookkeeper!

Proving you can manage your overhead and make wise financial decisions will help you stand out to VCs and Angels and help propel your business to the forefront! Best of all, we scale with you, so as you grow we can help out with more and more needs. You’ll never need to hire more people for your accounting as that will be our job!

Outsourced CFO for Startups

Fortune 500 help for fortunate startups

GAAP accounting, budgeting, and scalable bookkeeping are all hallmarks of a successful startup, but what the great founders are looking for are experts they can call on for insight and advice. 

Asnani CPA partners with their clients and works to understand not only their accounting but their business from the top down so they can provide the best insight and guidance possible. From start to finish we stand by our clients to help them accomplish their goals. 

If you’re looking for an expert who can stand with you and help you grow your business, then we’ve got you covered!

Tax Planning and Credits

Every dollar you save in taxes extends your cash-out date!

Most businesses and a lot of startups make one big mistake when it comes to their taxes - they work on them retroactively. There is very little you can do to help your taxes if you are always working on them after the year has ended. 

We flip that on its head and help you proactively plan ahead to ensure you’re taking full advantage of any and all applicable tax credits and write-offs. 

We work diligently so you pay your fair share and not a penny more!

What startups should expect in an accounting partner

After working with a lot of startups, especially tech startups, we’ve developed a sense for what they need most when working alongside us and other accounting partners. 


When VCs, Angels, or M&A opportunities come calling and have specific questions, you’ll want a partner who can provide those in a timely manner. Startups are always working against the clock, trying to make sure they can get the funds they need before their cash-out date comes. This makes it even more important to provide answers to interested parties in a timely manner. Asnani CPA understands this and we are dedicated to providing what you need in the time-frame you need it!


Mistakes happen across all sizes of businesses, but there is nothing worse than trying to convince a VC to invest in your company and then providing books that aren’t accurate. It doesn’t instill confidence and it slows down the process. While accurate books are important to all businesses, it is especially important to startups! That’s why we focus on helping tech startups and normal startups to maintain accurate books. 

Accurate books are also great because they help speed up the due diligence process and make it a lot less stressful!


We’ve already discussed how timeliness and accuracy are immensely important to startups, and just as important is reliability. It doesn’t matter if your accounting partner provides accurate and timely books 95% of the time if the one time they don’t is when a VC or Angel is asking for them. You need to have accurate and timely responses 100% of the time. 

Reliability is one of the most important things you can ask for in an accounting partner!

Startup and Accounting Expertise

You’ll want to work with someone who understands the specific needs of startups and your precise business plan. The best accounting partners are those who can provide insight and guidance regarding your finances. These insights and guidance are the difference between having a great set of financial models and being able to use them to move the business forward. 

When it comes to startups, you have specific needs and goals that you need to be met. We understand that and actively work with you to meet and exceed those goals!

Hands-Off Experience

If you opt to choose an outsourced accounting model, you’ll want it to be hands-off as much as possible so you can focus on planning and growing your startup. Setting up accounting practices and getting information will always take time in the beginning, but you should see that time burden begin to lessen overtime. A great accounting partner will be able to take care of all of your needs and provide insight during a weekly or monthly meeting that shouldn’t take up too much of your time. 

Startups are high velocity environments where the founders are constantly pushing forward. This means you’ll want a hands-off approach where you can trust your accounting partner and be able to get insight with the least amount of time required possible. 

Asnani CPA works with a lot of startups and we know how important your time constraints are, so we go out of our way to make sure every meeting is meaningful and has a purpose. You won’t feel like your time is wasted when working with us!


Cash-out dates and burn rates are one of the most important things for startups. That’s why we focus on providing immense amounts of value that you can carry with you as you grow your startup. We pride ourselves in making sure our pricing is fair and reasonable for your needs. We work hard to meet our clients exactly where they are and provide the perfect amount of support for their financial position. Because of this we are confident we can help your startup, whether you’re just getting started or well on your way!

Make sure you find a partner who provides value and competitive advantages over just hiring personnel in house!

Best practices for startup accounting

If you’re looking for accounting tips for startups, or “how to do startup accounting?”, or “what’s the best accounting software for startups?,” then you’ve come to the right place! We are here to help tech startups, regular startups, and Software as a Service startups (SaaS). 

Startups are some of our favorite clients because we can provide an immense amount of value by helping them set up GAAP or Generally Accepted Accounting Practices, running financial models for startups, offering bookkeeping for startups, offering tax planning for startups, and helping with guidance and expertise for startups!

What is the best online software for startups?

This will depend on your specific needs, but we like to recommend QuickBooks Online as it offers competitive pricing and allows you to collaborate remotely with your CPA, bookkeeper, or other personnel. 

How to do startup accounting? 

Startup accounting has a lot of similarities with normal accounting, but you’ll start to implement more advanced accounting procedures a lot sooner than most normal businesses would. Things like GAAP are important for due diligence and VCs, Angels, and M&A opportunities. You’ll also want to focus on specific things like Burn Rate and Cash-Out date so you can work backwards to help ensure you meet your goals. Depending on your business type you’ll also want to make sure you don’t just blindly do cash-based accounting but look for expertise that can help with accrual type accounting for startups. Working with a professional is strongly recommended as they can provide insight and help across all portions of this process. We pride ourselves on structuring our pricing options to be able to work with startups at all stages, reach out for a free consultation!

Bookkeeping for startups?

Bookkeeping for startups is a bit more involved than for normal companies. You’ll want to avoid just doing cash-based bookkeeping and you’ll want to look at potential deferred revenue to make sure you keep your financial statements up to date. 

What financial statements do you need as a startup? 

The main ones are: 

  • Income statement for startups
  • Cash flow statement for startups
  • Balance sheet for startups

What is the most important part of startup accounting? 

This is a subjective item, but one of the most important places to start and end is always with a strong budget. You’ll want to make sure you are working within your means and you can calculate your burn rate and cash-out date to ensure you have enough time and money to accomplish your goals. 

Startup Tax Returns

If you’re wondering “do startups have to file tax returns” or “how do you file a tax return as a startup” then know you’re in good hands. Asnani CPA specializes in helping startups, tech startups, and other businesses complete tax returns and actually proactively plan for their taxes! Even if you run a loss you’ll need to file taxes, so make sure you stay on top of this!

Best Startup Tax Credits

Tax credits are an amazing way to decrease your burn rate and extend your cash-out date. Tech startup tax credits, typical startup tax credits, SaaS tax credits, and others are all based on some of the same ones. You’ll want to look at the ERC or Employee Retention Tax Credit, and the R&D (research and development) tax credit. California has some relevant ones too such as the California R&D Tax Credit and the California Sales Tax Partial Exemption. There are a lot of other tax credits available as well with more sometime coming out monthly!

Should Startups outsource their accounting? 

Whether you’re looking for outsourced accounting for tech startups, outsourced accounting for typical startups, etc, you’re likely asking the question about whether you should outsource your accounting. 

Here at Asnani CPA we strongly believe the answer is yes. Building a startup is hard as it is, but trying to become a financial expert to answer due diligence requests and keep up with GAAP can all make it even more difficult. Having an outsourced accounting partner can help clear up these difficulties and provide even more value! Saving time, money, and stress are the key reasons most startups work with outsourced accounting partners!

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