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Whether you're a Sole Proprietorship with a Schedule C, or an S-Corp with an 1120s, we've got your business taxes covered.

Get your LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp Taxes Done to Perfection.

Whether you're a Sole Proprietorship with a Schedule C, or an S-Corp with an 1120s, we've got your business taxes covered.

We Deliver Excellent Customer Service

We've developed a team and culture that's responsive, helpful and enjoyable to work with.

Business Taxes Done Right

Don't Just File Your Taxes, Mitigate Your Taxes

Asnani CPA handles all types of tax returns, but we specialize in business tax returns here in California.

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • C Corporations
  • S Corporations
  • Limited Partnership

Asnani CPA Helps mitigate taxes, while preparing and filing a sound tax return.

When you become a client with us, we work hard to make sure that your tax return has good, sound data.  We find that a tax return is only as good as the data going in, which is predicated on sound bookkeeping and accounting.  That's why we provide our one-stop-shop Outsourced Accounting Service, because we know that when our team handles the ongoing bookkeeping, payroll, and then handles your periodic tax payments, you'll have a predictable tax year.

Predictable Tax Results

One major goal of the Asnani CPA team is to help business owner pay in their taxes throughout the year, so that they don't accidentally create a balloon IRS bill.  Sure, we encourage business owners not to "give the IRS a loan" by overpaying tax payments throughout the year, but we know that few business owners desire an unexpected tax bill.  

We work with your tax plan throughout the year to mitigate your taxes, make the correct decisions with your S-Corp salary and distributions, and then we help you make payments throughout the year with the goal of easing the year-end tax bills.

Get the Tax & Accounting Support Your Business Deserves.

We help businesses keep pristine financials, lower their taxes and grow more profitable and scalable companies.

Business & Personal Taxes

We'll not only prepare your business taxes, but all your other tax returns.

Tax Reduction Focused

You'll never overpay in tax with our team serving you.

Tax Reduction Focused

We also provide virtual monthly bookkeeping services to keep your finances up to date.

1120s, Schedule C and C-Corp Tax Returns

Schedule C for Sole Proprietorships

LLC Taxed as a Sole Proprietorship: Learn more here. Businesses that have not filed an S-election to become a chapter s, or S-Corporation, are taxed as a sole proprietorships or "Sole Props".

S-Corporations: Learn more here. A business can decide to file an "S-Election" to be taxed as an S-Corporation.  The S-Corp is a favorite tool of tax planners to possibly mitigate self employment taxes.

C-Corp: Learn more here. We generally don't recommend small businesses become a C-Corp, unless they require the specific benefits. Generally, C-Corps create a "double taxation" for most small businesses.

The Best Small Business Tax Firm in the Bay Area

San Francisco Business Tax Preparation Services

If you're looking for a business tax preparation service near the San Francisco Bay Area, we'd be honored to connect and earn your business.

Business Tax Strategies

We don't just provide tax preparation services, we also provide pro-active, aggressive tax reduction planning.

Our goal is to help people build more profitable and scalable businesses, while empowering them to focus.

Our outsources accounting & bookkeeping services include tax preparation services as well.

Besides preparing and filing your tax returns, we'll also ensure that you're doing everything possible to reduce taxes.

Never Overpay in Tax Again

We know how to help you pay your fair share in taxes, without paying a penny more than necessary.

We'll help you not only file your taxes, but ensure that you're utilizing the right business entity, maximizing fringe benefits, and filing your taxes properly.

Avoid Mistakes & Reduce Taxes with Asnani CPA Tax & Accounting.

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