Rachel Bitz


Rachel a former Accodex Partner also based out of Silicon Valley and for 3 years worked as an accountant in a small business setting while performed 2 years in public accounting. She graduated from CSU East Bay and her goal of helping the business world grow was fulfilled by starting her business alongside Shamal on the back end of businesses development and now works alongside with him helping manage client relations, accounting, bookkeeping, and social media marketing needs.

Being the go to person and the glue to a business although was always a dream as Rachel continued her career found another passion that helped further her work by relieving stress. Going to the gym might not be as hot of a topic in the business meetings but on the off hours most professionals feel the pressure to preform and while some sit at home dealing with that Rachel found going to the gym was where she fit best. Fitness embodied everything that she worked to be, strong, knowledgable, and supportive, and as she started helping businesses with accounting she realized these features were found in every fitness entrepreneurs business as well. When she works with them she not only understands their books but also their lives because she is one of them as well.

At 21 years old, Rachel started working in the accounting industry while attending Cal State East Bay and attaining Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting, Marketing, and Corporate Management. This helped her supplement her education by applying concepts like bookkeeping, payroll, and hr admin duties. Also, she had the opportunity to work closely with the head accountant as a mentor that personally passed the years of experience she had to help further Rachel's career.

Now, as she builds her own business in the accounting community showing people you can combine your passions with your career, she intends to serve the fitness community by passing down her years of experience to new or seasoned owners by giving them ease of mind that they have all the tools to succeed

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