8 Best Accountants/Bookkeepers for Startups Near San Francisco

November 2, 2023

Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Business Finances?

We hope that if things are getting out of hand, it's in a positive direction.

Even if you don't currently do your businesses finances or you are concerned about the quality of your current accountant or CPA, we made this list to help guide you down the right path of choosing an accountant or bookkeeper.

San Francisco has become a breeding ground for ambitious startups.

We compiled a list of the best accountants near San Francisco that are eager to help local businesses succeed.

So, whether you are thinking about starting a business and need a bookkeeper, or you have a business up and running take a look at these 8 tax accountants and bookkeepers for startups.

#1 Accountant for Startups - Asnani CPA

We are Asnani CPA Tax & Accounting, and we are based out of San Francisco.

We help startups at just about any stage of funding, and we'd be delighted to help your team stay focused and fulfill your potential.

Asnani CPA Tax & Accounting is committed to maintaining compliance for small business owners.

We offer tax planning, tax return preparation, bookkeeping services, and payroll management, with a focus on proactive leadership and strategic guidance to help clients reach their financial goals.

There are multiple blogs that we have written that are tailored for business owners in California to help with everything tax related.

We offer those services for:

Book a consultation for a tax analysis today!

#2 Accountant for Startups - Kruze Consulting

Kruze Consulting is a leading provider of accounting, finance, tax and HR advice to venture and seed funded startups.

Kruze Consulting offers early-stage, funded companies everything from basic monthly bookkeeping to outsourced CFO help to startup tax returns.

Unlike many accounting or bookkeeping firms, Kruze Consulting strives to provide actionable advice.

#3 Accountant for Startups - BASTA & COMPANY

Founder of Basta & Company, Samy Basta, CPA brings with him over 20 years’ of experience in tax strategy, financial planning, and business advisory across the real estate, medical, and tech industries.

It’s taken Basta & Company over 20 years’ of financial and business consulting to learn the secret: nobody really wants to hear an accountant’s point of view on tax compliance.

From initial business setup to ongoing tax & CFO services, they will guide you through the ups and downs of business ownership, and help you make the best financial decisions for your company when it’s most important.

#4 Accountant for Startups - Advise LLP, CPA Firm

Advise LLP provides comprehensive value-added accounting, tax, financial, and IT solutions to our customers.

They do tax and accounting and IRS audit representation for small businesses, corporations, and individuals.

Advise meet the constantly shifting needs of their clients with their experienced and diverse team of professionals.

#5 Accountant for Startups - Agro Accounting CPA

Basil, the founder of Agro Accounting, has been an accountant to artists, freelancers and small businesses for over 10 years.

Basil had received a post-graduate education from Columbia University in New York and, in 2008, had obtained some of the higher scores on the CPA exam.

Present day, Basil is a CPA licensed in multiple states.

#6 Accountant for Startups - Startup Tandem

Startup Tandem is a group of entrepreneurs, like minded with one common goal – to provide valuable services at an adequate price.

Startup Tandem is dedicated to making you and your company the best that it can be.

By having a clearer picture of how your money is working for your business, you’ll be able to make the important decisions that will aid in your company’s growth.

#7 Accountant for Startups - Wiesenberg & Company

Wiesenberg & Company was established in 1985, their firm's boutique size enables them to react quickly to change and respond promptly to their clients' needs.

They believe it is always better to prevent a problem then to fix one, although we are equipped to do both.

Wiesenberg's firm maintains long-standing relationships and develops a deep understanding of each business’s requirements and is invested in their success.

They are premier advocates for their clients; privately owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals.

#8 Accountant for Startups - Michael & Company, CPA

Michael & Company, CPA is a highly-experienced firm dedicated to providing advice to our wide-ranging client base.

We are among the most highly regarded Fresno CPA firms because we always put our clients’ needs first.

Bassim, the founder of Michael & Company, has provided accounting, business advisory and tax services to business entities and individuals since 1997.

Bassim's background in both public and private accounting gives him a unique perspective into the financial, tax and business needs of your company.