Top 10 Best CPAs Near San Franciso

Shamal Asnani
May 23, 2023

Our roundup of the Best CPA Firms near San Francisco for Small Businesses and Startups

10 Best CPA Near San Francisco for Small Business & Freelancers

There are too many large CPA Firms here in the Bay Area, and not enough small business focused CPA's.

We help small businesses, 1099 contractors & businesses under 10 Million.

We wrote this article sharing the 10 best CPA's, because we want to get in front of YOU.

If you're reading this, we'd love to earn your business as a small business CPA.

Our SEO team told us if we wrote this article, we would show up for keywords that matter - even if we list out to our competitors

You can read about the other CPA's in the list below, but here's why we've confidently listed ourselves as #1.

You'll find all sorts of articles pointing to the best CPA firms in San Francisco, San Francisco's Certified Public Accountants and other articles like this.

Why We Confidently Listed Ourselves as the #1 CPA in San Francisco:

We're confident that if you chose us as your small business CPA, you'd love being a client as much as our other clients.

Check out our reviews on Google, our small business clients love doing business with us!

We're continuously growing, but we're hyper focused.

We exclusively serve small business & freelancers

We'd love you to get a little taste of our secret sauce, and what makes our clients love working with us:

Our Three-Fold Focus for Small Business Accounting and CPA Services:

A. Aggressive, Year-Long, and Pro-Active Tax Reduction Planning

As an intimate expert on the tax code and strategies for mitigating taxes, our focus is to provide pro-active leadership to reduce your taxes and invest properly in your business to scale. We identify tax reduction strategies each week and execute them, ensuring that you pay as little tax as possible while your business thrives.

B. Efficient Financial and Bookkeeping Services

Our team of experts provides weekly, monthly, and quarterly bookkeeping and financial reporting services, keeping your books in pristine order. Our monthly outsourced accounting services eliminate the need for hiring a part-time bookkeeper or staff accountant, allowing you to stay nimble while reducing costs. By handling everything in-house, you'll enjoy a reduction in vendors and the benefits of pro-active leadership to build a more scalable, secure, and profitable business.

C. Compliance and Risk Mitigation

We're a Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience dealing with the IRS and the California Department of Revenue. Our focus is not only to aggressively mitigate taxes and scale your business but also to ensure that you don't make costly mistakes or take unnecessary risks. We provide sound financials, mitigate taxes, and prepare your tax returns accurately, guaranteeing that you're on track with your personalized tax reduction plan.

Build a More Scalable & Profitable Business with Asnani CPA By Your Side.

Get in touch with us for a tax reduction strategy. Call today. Check out our website and reviews to learn more about our small business accounting and CPA services.

We do business taxes, bookkeeping, and payroll - but our real focus is on delivering significantly more value than the typical CPA near San Francisco.

Here are the 10 best small business certified public accountants and bookkeeping accountants that you can find here in the bay area.

We are Asnani CPA, Tax and Accounting, and we've been helping small businesses and independent contractors or 1099 freelancers since the mid 2010s. While we help small businesses with their business, tax returns, bookkeeping services, and payroll, we are more focused as an outsourced accountant.

We are not your typical CPA firm.

We help you maintain pristine financials every week.

Focus on your business while we handle everything.

We don't focus on only compliance and historical services, we provide proactive leadership, and services.

Your bookkeeper should be a tax strategist.

When we do your bookkeeping, not only are we going to make sure that everything is reconciled promptly and correctly, but the bookkeeping provides the foundation for our aggressive tax reduction planning.

We engage weekly to identify strategic opportunities to mitigate taxes, invest to reach your growth goals, and build tax efficient wealth.

And we do all of this for a simple monthly retainer that includes everything.

We can replace a part-time bookkeeper, or a AP/AR specialist, and we can also replace a chief financial officer to a degree.

For a simple monthly retainer, between $750 a month and $7500 a month, your organization can run lean, stay efficient and invest in production, sales and marketing.

If you're not certain that your current small business accountant is providing the pro-active leadership & strategic guidance you deserve, then book a consultation and we'll provide a free tax & accounting strategy call.

  1. Asnani CPA Tax & Accounting
  2. Burr, Pilger & Mayer LLP (BPM)
  3. Hood & Strong LLP
  4. Shea Labagh Dobberstein
  5. Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP
  6. Regalia & Associates, Inc.
  7. DZH Phillips LLP
  8. Novogradac & Company LLP
  9. Seiler LLP
  10. John W. Waddell & Co., CPAs
  11. Lindquist, von Husen & Joyce LLP

Top 10 Certified Public Accountants in San Francisco

1. Asnani CPA Tax & Accounting

Asnani CPA Tax & Accounting is a highly-regarded CPA firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing comprehensive services to small businesses, independent contractors, and freelancers. They offer tax planning, tax return preparation, bookkeeping services, and payroll management, with a focus on proactive leadership and strategic guidance to help clients reach their financial goals.

Asnani CPA Tax & Accounting is dedicated to ensuring that not only do small business owners stay compliant, but we're relentless in our pursuit to reduce taxes, establish pristine financials and help you build the most scalable business possible.

We specialize in working as a CPA for tech startups, and we've found that we can help bridge the gap that's left between massive CPA Firms and startups.

We help startups at just about any stage of funding, and we'd be delighted to help your team stay focused and fulfill your potential.

Shamal & Rachel - Owners of Asnani CPA Tax & Accounting

2. Burr, Pilger & Mayer LLP (BPM)

BPM is one of the largest California-based accounting and consulting firms, founded in 1986. They offer a wide range of services, including tax, assurance, consulting, and wealth management services. BPM serves clients in various industries such as technology, life sciences, nonprofit, real estate, and financial services.

3. Hood & Strong LLP

Established in 1917, Hood & Strong is a full-service accounting and business consulting firm. They provide audit, tax, internal control, and financial services to a diverse range of clients, including nonprofits, privately held businesses, and high-net-worth individuals.

4. Shea Labagh Dobberstein

Shea Labagh Dobberstein, founded in 1944, is a certified public accounting and advisory firm. They offer a variety of services, including assurance, tax, and advisory services for businesses, nonprofits, and high-net-worth individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

5. Frank, Rimerman + Co. LLP

Frank, Rimerman + Co., founded in 1949, is a full-service CPA firm. They provide a comprehensive range of services, such as audit, tax, consulting, and wealth management, to private companies, high-net-worth individuals, and nonprofit organizations.

6. Regalia & Associates, Inc.

Regalia & Associates is a San Francisco-based accounting firm that offers a wide array of services including tax planning, tax preparation, accounting, and consulting services. They cater to individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, delivering personalized solutions.

7. DZH Phillips LLP

DZH Phillips is a certified public accounting and consulting firm that provides audit, tax, and consulting services to a variety of clients, including individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. They strive to deliver innovative and strategic solutions to their clients' needs.

8. Novogradac & Company LLP

Novogradac & Company is a national certified public accounting and consulting firm that was founded in 1989. They specialize in affordable housing, community development, historic preservation, and renewable energy tax credits. They offer a full spectrum of services, including audit, tax, consulting, and valuation.

9. Seiler LLP

Seiler LLP is a leading accounting and advisory firm that has been serving clients since 1957. They offer audit, tax, and consulting services to high-net-worth individuals, families, closely-held businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

10. John W. Waddell & Co., CPAs

John W. Waddell & Co., founded in 1980, is a San Francisco-based CPA firm that provides tax, accounting, and consulting services. They specialize in serving small to medium-sized businesses,