Shamal Asnani

Grew Up in a Family of Entrepreneurs

Shamal started his career at the age of 18 and found his footing in accounting by helping his family with bookkeeping which led him into understanding the needs of small businesses. From there he moved into public accounting at small to large firms where he started to feel something was just slightly off. The numbers all made sense but the culture was terribly wrong, and anyone who knows that environment could understand that crunching numbers while feeling crunched in a chair doesn’t exactly go together.

Shamal before becoming an independent firm branched off into Accodex a Partner firm for CPA’s and soon realized that the feeling was mutual for both him and people who worked with accountants. The standard method of communication and work culture as he continued to find his was in Accounting privately was far from the most helpful way to help small businesses and entrepreneurs and as he continued to consult them found a much more beneficial process. Working with Shamal isn’t going to be your A typical experience with a CPA unless you’re idea was already that you would be able to feel free to crack fitness jokes or text them about ways to save while you’re on vacation. Although it sounds different, his approach to helping your business revolves around being unlike from a corporate feel, so you can experience the ease of having an accountant you actually enjoy talking to that takes care of your business like he would his own.

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